No Verdi, no sushi, no pluie!

  We dedicated Sunday to Chicago institutions – diners, art, and pizza. We started breakfast at famous Lou Mitchell's where there are free “milk duds for the ladies.” Packed with native Chicagoans, this place has become a landmark on the culinary landscape with enormous breakfasts, great coffee, and fast service.

  We then spent the afternoon looking at American art in the Chicago Art Institute – finally glimpsing Nighthawks by Edward Hopper and American Gothic by Grant Wood (last time we went, we discovered all too late that these paintings had been loaned out  to a museum...in Paris!)

  On monday, we finished our stay in the Windy City with yet another bike bike tour from Bobby's. Marilyn was out with someone else that day (what a tramp – I thought we had a good thing going), but Ze Gege had the pleasure to ride “Dick” for a few hours. While we didn't get rained on, this tour was anything but dry. Entitled “Bikes, Bites, and Brews,” this tour took on us on an eating and drinking adventure around the city. Chicago pizza, followed by cupcakes, beer, hot dogs, and more beer. Definitely our kind of tour!
  And with that (!!!), our long weekend was over. Back on the train for another excruciatingly long ride (Ze Gege thinks the US should buy french trains). At least this time, paid a little more attention as to whom we were sitting near...no hen party in sight.

--Ze Brian

3 commentaires:

  1. Still drinking beer??? So I guess no baby on its way :-(
    Anonymous... but still love you both

  2. Pas de velo??
    Les petits plats ont l'air tres bon !
    Les cups cakes tres beaux et bons???

  3. anonumous...who loves us both: yup, no baby!

    zezaza: si! cetait une ballade a velo "gastronomique"...je publie la version francaise des que j ai le courage de m y mettre!
    Je ne suis pas fans des cupcakes en general mais ceux la etaient plutot bons!